Feature on Lake Tekapo

Aerial images of Lake Tekapo and its neighbours

Over the past few years Tekapo Tourism has joined Air Safaris on several scenic flights around Lake Tekapo and the Mount Cook and Westland National Parks. Here are a small collection of images captured over that period.

Tekapo A power station with the village and lake in the background


The braided Godley River meets Lake Tekapo


Lake Tekapo and the Southern Alps. The peak of Mount Cook (Aoraki) is visible as the highest peak on the horizon.


Lake Alexandrina and Lake Tekapo. Giant glaciers once carved the terraces now visible against the mountains in the background.


Mount John with the University of Canterbury's Observatory on the summit


The Godley Valley looking south towards Lake Tekapo


The Murchison Glacier and Malte Brun Range neighbours the Godley Valley. The Murchison Valley joins the Tasman Valley near the base of Mount Cook (Aoraki)


High altitude winds blow snow from the peaks of Mount Cook in the afternoon sun


Mount Cook (Aoraki) with Lake Pukaki in the background


The Godley Valley looking north towards the Southern Alps


The West Coast's Fox Glacier is only a 15 minute flight from Lake Tekapo. Millions of tons of ice slowly cascade down from the peaks of the Southern Alps and terminate within the sub tropical rain forests of the South Island's West Coast.


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